spring & Summer 2016

Daylight savings has arrived!

We are looking forward to making more trips down to the Farmer’s Market to see what has arrived. We are already seeing some beautiful Florida Strawberries. Just this week we stuffed some with lightly sweetened cream cheese, then topped them with a roasted and salted almond - and a little honey. They were delicious!

Spotlight on Jeanette Crenshaw

Jeanette has been with us since the beginning. Not only is she one of the funniest people you could meet, she is also one of the hardest working, kind, and talented! She will be continuing to make some great chopped salads, with snappy- fresh veggies, fresh fruits, lively salad greens, and some crunchy additions. They taste great, and they complement the table. Her simple and spicy Pimento Cheese is addictive. And her Chicken Salad is classic Southern.


Today’s marketplace offers so much variety and abundance. Just about any fruit or vegetable seems to be available year round. We will always work hard at trying to select products that are at their peak and from local growers.


Now on to some new ideas...

Asparagus & Eggs – there is something about these two that just go together. They could be paired in a hot, cold, or warm dish. One of our faves is steamed and Chilled Asparagus with Perfectly Boiled Eggs drizzled with a slightly tart Mustard Vinaigrette and some buttery crisp Croutons on top.

Chef really thinks a Gazpacho table would be a hit – he’s usually right about these things.

Another good one is Seafood with Pasta / we know how to make this so good!


Finger Foods

Steak & Cheddar Skewers with Roasted Potato / California Style Tri-Tip with Vermont Sharp Cheddar and a half of Roasted New Potato – they will be gone!

Fruit Skewers with Mojito Syrup / The best seasonal fruit selections with a Minty Mojito Syrup that has just a little bit of Caribbean Rum – fresh & fun!

Campari Tomatoes with a little Creamy Bleu – delicious – light – gluten free!

Lettuce Wraps with Grilled Chicken & Avocado or Fried Chicken with Dill Pickles – both are delish!

Grass Fed Beef Sliders – we really love doing these because they make people smile! It’s an original recipe that is a cross between and meatloaf and a burger. Just like a burger, you can top them with just about anything. Our favorites are; Spinach-Feta-Pepper Relish, Tomato Chutney & Arugula, Jeanette’s Pimento Cheese, Fried Onion Rings and Garlic Aioli, and Classic Burger Style with K,M,P,O.


New Sweet Stuff

Boston Cream Squares / An All-Time Classic!

Green Tea Cake Squares / New and Delicious – Pretty to Look at too!

Dark Chocolate Bark / 70% Dark Chocolate with Roasted Pistachio – good for those who just want a little

something sweet.

Stuffed Strawberries / Ricotta, Cream Cheese, or Nutella / Always a hit!

Olive Oil & Almond Cake / Simple and Delicious.